THE Alive Again

"HEALTHY CAN BE TASTY" is what we believe. On offer are over a hundred handcrafted food items to heal your body and delight your soul.

What sets us apart

Once you taste our food, you will have a love affair for life, for each morsel that goes into your mouth is hand-crafted by our Head Chef & his team, based on proprietary recipes prepared by one of the most in-demand nutritionist cum health expert. Go indulge.

We don’t simply craft a weight-loss package based on food combinations and choices that forces you to lose interest in everything else, but losing weight. We are all about spreading happiness and we know the best way to do so is to please the tummy with some yummy food. Of course, when we say you’ll knock of kilos, we mean it. Your meeting your goals, takes us closer to our mission. Regular, consultant led follow-ups are right up our alley.

Rarely would you find a world-class and highly qualified nutritionist and health wizard offer you sustained inputs regarding items on the menu and their benefits. But then, Alive Again is that rare health café that’ll have its founder and resident food maestro answer your queries, in person or on call. Just have your questions ready and the answers will be on your way.

It is said, you are but a reflection of the company you keep. Healthy company = healthy you. Educated (about health) company = better you. And Alive Again is the perfect place to hang out for all those who need the additional motivation to keep at their goals. It’s the perfect place for the food aficionados and gym freaks to take home some additional info on what makes their world rock. And yeah, wouldn’t it be great to receive a genuine compliment from people who have seen you transform or who know your goals and can genuinely appreciate your efforts? That’s what Alive Again does for you. Offer you the company of people who are on the RIGHT side of health.

By the way, we always take the word of our physicians as a decree from God Almighty. And Alive Again is privileged to be patronized by the Who’s Who of the world of medicine and healing. Doctors and fitness gurus unconditionally recommend our food to people who are recuperating post surgery or have been advised a therapeutic diet. And yeah, our food, despite being therapeutic, has the wherewithal to tantalize your taste buds like a food nymph would. Well, we can’t say we offer ‘Ghar Jaisa Khana”, coz we don’t. What we offer is ‘ghar jaisi safai aur pyar se bana khana’ which is available ‘sirf yahan, aur kahin nahin’. Of course, our food is so good you might want to keep having it on a daily basis. Good Hygiene and love for your health defines our path.


The secret ingredients of every Alive Again food are Love and Respect. At Alive, chef dispenses happiness with his Love and Respect for food and customers. At Alive, our happy kitchen environment is also one of the spices, which enhances the taste. Love for food, respect for customers and happy environment are the biggest contributors...


Correct amount of nutrients can only be received if there is a correct combination of ingredients. To optimize digestion and absorption of nutrients in our body we made them meet each other through mixing of ingredients at right amount and right temperature. Nutritionist made them friends through a proper calculation.